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Personal Care

Our Product Line

Gojo Lotion
• Contains chloroxylenol (PCMX), a broad spectrum antimicrobial agent.
• Effectively kills germs
• Mild formula helps promote frequent handwashing while killing germs.
• Contains lotion to keep hands moisturized and soft.

No Rinse Shower Cap
• Cleans and softens hair without the mess and aggravation of traditional washing.
• Easy to use; No need for running water.
• Shampoo efficiently in less time, while leaving hair fresh and clean, eliminating odors.
• Latex and alcohol free.

Scott Naturals Wipes with Aloe Vera
• Easy Pop-Ups for dispensing.
• Flushable and useful companion to bathroom tissue.
• Fibers derived from 100% sustainable resources.
• Hypoallergenic.
• Alcohol free.
• 51 wipes per package

No Rinse Body Bath
• Great for perineal cleanse or total body.
• No need for rinse.
• Contains no alcohol.
• Won’t irritate sensitive skin.
• pH-balanced and biodegradable.
• Pleasant smell, and eliminates odor.
• Sizes: 8 oz., 16 oz., or 1 gallon.

Provon Tearless Body and Hair Shampoo
• Multi-purpose liquid soap and shampoo removes dirt and residue from skin
and hair.
• Contains aloe vera and vitamins A and E.
• Mild formula reduces risk of eye irritation.
• Contains skin conditioners to keep skin hydrated and moisturized.
• Size: 8 oz. bottles, 48 per case.

Clean Shape Foaming Antibacterial Lotion Soap
• Kills 99.99% of common germs.
• Contains aloe and vitamin E to moisturize hands.
• Rich foam cleans away dirt instantaneously.
• Made without triclosan.
• Contains benzalkonium chloride.
• Size: 950 ml, 8 per case