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Our Product Line

We offer a number of natural, biodegradable choices in our “green” line of janitorial products, for safer, more environmentally-friendly cleaning. These products do not contain persistent, bio-accumulative and toxic chemicals, hazardous wastes, or phosphate/phosphonate residue. Make a positive difference in the environment, by starting with your own surroundings — as we like to say, “Clean locally, act globally!” [Please note we offer more green cleaning options than are pictured here — we welcome your inquiries.]

Urgent Detergent
Non-phosphate laundry detergent produces dazzling whites and brightens colors.

Magic Plus Laundry Powder
For all heavy duty washes. Non-chlorinated.

Magic Plus Laundry Chlorinated
Available by special order.

Odor Counteractant Discs
Disc pads with decorative cover attach to any horizontal or vertical surface. Choice of 7 different fragrances.

Odor End Powder Carpet/Room Deodorizer
Vacuum wet or dry. Non-toxic, anti-static, non-dusting formulation cleans and scents carpeting. Choice of 2

Orange Degreaser
Cleaner made with natural, biodegradable materials removes all types of grease, dirt, wax and soils; also keeps sewer lines and grease traps open and odor free.

Quat-Amo Germicidal Disinfectant
Cleans, disinfects, deodorizes – recommended for eating and drinking areas, hospital sanitation. Effective against a wide range of bacteria.

Sani-Cloth HB
Germicidal disposable wipes are ideal for use in hospitals, doctors/dental offices, or wherever the risk of cross-contamination is present.

Ice & Snow Melt
Pellets of self-generating heat melt ice faster; cannot flow or be walked away – over 35x faster than salt. Built-in protection against refreezing.

Stainless Steel Cleaner and Polish Towels
Shine and protect in one step. Premoistened with a powerful citrus-based solution that removes grime yet won’t harm stainless steel; leaves a protective coating against water marks and corrosion.

Liquid Bowl Cleaner
Instant action, odorless, industrial strength bowl cleaner.

Time Metered Sanitizers & Deodorizers
Metered valve delivers an ultra fine mist to effectively freshen rooms up to 6,000 cubic feet. Maximum deodorizing power with no ozone depleters.